About the Network

The Northeast Ohio Startup Network is a connected group of entrepreneurial support organizations delivering the resources tech-based entrepreneurs need most: capital, space, advice and connections.

Supported in part by Ohio Third Frontier, Network partners collaborate to help entrepreneurs grow early stage companies here in Northeast Ohio.

Network organizations are committed to working together to accelerate the growth of young, high potential companies in the healthcare, cleantech, IT, and business and consumer products sectors.

Once an entrepreneur has been introduced to the Network—either by applying for a fund or service or by becoming a client of a member resource provider—representatives will assess whether s/he:

could benefit from working with a mentor
is ready to access other resources
and/or should be introduced to someone that could help with a particular aspect of the company’s growth (like developing a prototype, implementing a product trial, applying for SBIR funds, etc.)

With one form, an entrepreneur is applying to enter a network that can connect her/him with pre-seed and seed funds, incubators, accelerators, numerous business advisors and an online community built for entrepreneurs.

Ready To Get Started?

Take the first step in starting or scaling your business by applying today for Network services and funding opportunities.